Our Approach

Core Values

  • Lead by example
  • Empower with a winning attitude
  • Create a positive impact by always using the golden rule
  • Lift as you climb
  • See something say something

Our Story

Our Story

The Every Girl Wins Institute was created based on the life skills and observations of women of the world from the founder. What she has experienced is the beliefs of women are holding them back from creating the life they deserve. Over and over again, she would hear women talk about not being confident enough or worthy enough because of certain circumstances that have happened in their lives.

The founder herself had also experienced the same things in her own life from childhood poverty, being a child bride with three children by the time she was eighteen. Having been abused physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually, she understands suffering and feeling unworthy. She never let that stop her from winning and creating the life she deserved.

As a women’s life skills expert she is here to show all women of the world, they also can succeed and overcome any self-doubting obstacle in their way. Through the founder's life experiences she has created a winning program to give all women a voice to create the life they deserve just as she has done in her own life.

Meet the Team

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Dr. Christine Kozachuk

United States

Founder & CEO

Women's Life Skills Expert

World Civility Ambassador

Global Advisory Board Member's

Ms Donna Lee Reed

Donna Reed


Founder Home 4 Me


Dorcas Mwikali Juma


Director at lift a sister
Director  at Glorious life learning center
Ordained pastor of Springs of Love Fellowship


Dr. Juilan Businge

London, UK

Founder of Peace Property Education

Co-Founder of World Greatness Awards

Royal Fashions Expert