Ms. Christine Chambay

Christine Chambay

Bio of Ms. Christine Chambay

Christine Chambay holds a MA in Journalism, from Voronezh state university in Russia, and a certificate of teaching Russian as a foreign language. She has lived in Sweden since 1984 when she arrived to Sweden to pursue further studies.  Christine now works as a full -time teacher in a community- college in Sweden.

Christine’s work with and among women and girls has spanned many decades. She has worked with gender issues since her secondary school days in the 70s. In 1977, she joined an NGO, UWT which stands for Umoja wa Wanawake wa Tanzania (Unity of women in Tanzania) in her home country Tanzania. This was a political wing of the ruling party CCM in Tanzania. She later was awarded a UWT scholarship a study in The Soviet Union. There she studied until in June 1983 before she moved to Sweden in April of 1984 to pursue further studies.

In 1994 she became a member of Center party in Sweden and member of The Center Women, which is a feminist Green organisation that actively works for environment, gender equality in society and in the Center Party by forming opinions and educating about societal issues and gender equality. The Center women's goals are to have a society where women and men, girls and boys have the same basic conditions to reach their goals and dreams.

She worked actively, as she started from the grassroots and was slowly step by step was elevated after many years, later in 2006 was elected as a member of the party’s National executive council. For her the journey has been long, wonderful and exciting. This has been for her in many aspects a school of its own kind. She helped to enact and review many party policy matters that favoured women taking up leadership roles in both the party and the Swedish society.

She is a co-founder of NGO,Chain of Sisterhood; a women organisation in Sweden that works with the Sustainable Development, redacting poverty in Africa and women empowerment. As she is an educator most of her students are immigrant girls and women. She often finds herself involved in mentoring, counselling and advising in the women’s career paths in Sweden. She inspires and encourages women to work towards their best top potential to become the best they can be.

Christine is an inspirational public opinion influencer. She influences in public opinion as she participates in public debates on issues relating to gender and equal rights, norms and values, and issues concerning secular. She understands culture diversity. She is quick in engaging with others and finding a conversation. She is able to quickly put people around her at ease, particularly when they feel stressed, scared, and uncertain about future prospects. She is an exceptional communicator, even when interacting with non English speakers.  She is fluent in writer and speaker of Swedish, English, Swahili and Russian.

Christine has led many projects in integration of immigrants, mostly women and girls. She was a resource person and led projects at The Women Resource centre in Stockholm, Botkyrka Municipality that equipping the women in starting business. She has mentored and continues to impact many girls and women to integrate into Swedish society. She has helped newly arrived women to Sweden to settle down and also uses her diversity to settle many family issues that would have created problems for new arrived couples., She is the Chairperson of the Tanzanite women (Chairperson of a group of Tanzanian Women in Stockholm) which collaborates with other unions to bring different types of funded projects to Tanzania and other East African countries. She is affiliated with SIDA a Swedish organisation that champions commitment of funds to promoting education for women, girls and other indigent people in the East African Region.

Christine is married to a businessman, Jay John Muchiri. In her free- time she loves to bake, work with many deferent arts and crafts, sewing, candle-art, card marking, creating scrapbooks, and decorating.

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