What is a jingle? A jingle is a short verse, slogan, or tune crafted to be easily remembered; it should be memorable and catchy.

Your task is to create a “G” rated International Every Girl Wins Day jingle. The theme of your jingle creation should be about females winning, equity for females, Her Right for equity– you get the picture. Just make it brief and make it memorable.



  1. You must upload your jingle video to YouTube.
  2. Completely and correctly fill out the Jingle Contest Submission Form located on the right-side of this page during entry period.
  3. Submit link to your jingle video on YouTube.
  4. Share and promote your jingle video to friends and family.
  5. #everygirlwins #herright #internationaleverygirlwinsday

The winning jingle will be judged on originality, effective messaging, and adherence to rules and requirements.

Contestants are invited to come up with their own version of a tastefully, creative, and original International Every Girl Wins Day jingle. The top entrants will receive $100 USD and one year of coaching classes worth $3000, bragging rights, and the chance to have their jingle used in advertisements. No purchase of services is necessary to enter or win. Entering also does not establish any type of client relationship. Contest ends January 25, 2021 at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) and is subject to complete Official Rules.

Show Us What You’ve Got!

The Rules.

There are just a few requirements…OF COURSE there have to be a few requirements for your video and to officially enter the contest:

  • Make sure to mention International Every Girl Wins Day in the jingle video.
  • Include the website everygirlwins.com
  • Jingle video must be exactly 30 seconds.
  • Upload your jingle video to YouTube.com and include Every Girl Wins Institute Jingle Video 2021 Contest Entry” in title.
  • Enter the jingle contest online and agree to the official rules at everygirlwins.com.
  • Send audio version to info@everygirlwins.com

Other than that, have some fun with it. Video and sound quality doesn’t need to be perfect; you can film it with a high quality production camera or your cell phone.

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