As a sponsor, your gift of $799 will support one individual woman in our six-month life literacy program. Your support will provide the tools and resources your sister needs to rebuild her life. Our winning life literacy programs are designed in a five-part curriculum that will show women how to identify what's keeping them in their current situation, how to let go to move forward to create the life they deserve.


  • Remove the limiting beliefs that are holding her back and to act on her dreams.
  • Start loving herself.
  • Know she has not ruined her life, that she is worthy of everything in life.
  • For her to have a structured education and economic system in place for her life.
  • Assist in creating a support system that will see that she achieves her dreams.
  • Create a plan of action to stop the effects of climate control.
  • Raise her confidence not to be afraid to speak up for herself.
  • Have a plan of action for her career or entrepreneurship.