About Us

Every Girl Wins Institute provides life literacy programs for women and young ladies around the world. Our experts help them rewrite the definition of their lives through our customized winning life literacy programs. 

The life literacy program gives them the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create communicate and collaborate. 


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Our Mission is to inspire and educate the world to accept all women as an equal and to help women create the life they deserve through support, education and guidance.

Winning Life Literacy Programs

Our programs are designed in a five part curriculum that will show women how to identify what's keeping them in their current situation, how to let go to move forward to create the life they deserve.

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Sponsor A Sister

Help sponsor a sister into the winning life literacy program. Your gift will change a woman's life. 


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Plant A Garden Project

The garden project is apart of the economic and entrepreneurship literacy program. The goal is to help women and young ladies around the world to be self-sufficient. 


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